Velekem – wide range quality assortment for parquet installers

16 November 2010
Velekem – wide range quality assortment for parquet installers

Velekem plays an important role on the Croatian market of paints and varnishes. This role is highly supported by highly professional employees and great infrastructure. 

Velekem is a company with eight regional locations, with warehouses and vehicles. This provides goods availability all over Croatia. At the beginning selling only paints and varnishes, now the  company has expanded product range with assortment for parquet professionals and uses these capacities in supporting the sales.

Velekem’s partners are reputable European producers, such as Lechner SpA – Italy (primers, adhesives, and solvent based lacquers) (…). With such partners we have provided availability of the wide range quality products for parquet installers on a long run for Croatian market.

Lechner SpA

The roots date back to 1920, when the company was specialized in the production of resins. Later, by the early 60ties, the production was extended to construction adhesives. Over the years the company has grown as an important role player in the product range for installation and maintenance of wood flooring and the resilient and textile adhesives with significant market shares.

Thanks to the flexibility and professionality of its staff and constant products improving, Lechner is now an important company for the manifacture of primers, surface treatments and adhesives for wood flooring as well as for rubber, carpet, PVC flooring and artificial grass.

Among Lechner offer we would like to focus the attention on Sipol, a 2K epoxy-polyurethane firm-elastic parquet adhesive. Sipol is one of the most known Lechner’s brands. It is suitable for all kind of absorbent and non absorbent subfloors with or without under floor heating. It is recommendable for all types of parquet made of both European and tropical wood species. It is very easy to spread with excellent ridge formation and prolonged low viscosity and superior adhesion performance even under critical conditions.

Primer PU is 1K high solid polyurethane primer with prolonged low viscosity which provides easy workability after long period. It is suitable for subfloors with under floor heating and for blocking higher moisture from the subfloor (up to 5% CM).



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