The origins of the company date back to 1920, when in Arquata Scrivia, Ernesto Lechner established “Industria Chimica Lechner s.n.c.”, specialized in the production of resins for paints, gaining immediate positive feedback thanks to the high quality of its product.

By the early Sixties, Ernesto's son, Bruno Lechner, was managing the company and the production extended to adhesives for the construction industry, inn which Lechner gained soon a primary market position.

From 1989, under the guidance of Paolo Lechner, Bruno's son, the family company became first “Lechner Chemical Industries Limited.”, then, at the turn of the century it became a stock company. Important acquisitions of brands such as Golden Light, Chamberlain, Italcol, together with the widened range of products primarily aimed at the installation and maintenance of wood flooring, allowed the company to further expand, and today it still holds a significant market share in the production and trading of adhesives and products for resilient and textile floorings. More recent entry into the International market, working with important European and non-European distributors, as well as  world-wide hardwood and wood flooring producers continues to secure Lechner's future in the global market.

Deep-rooted in the territory

Lechner plant is located in Arquata Scrivia, in the Alessandria area, close to Genoa and in a strategic position for the commercial areas of Milan and Turin. The value of this territory is important because here the company grew year after year and recruited qualified staff, who participated and still collaborate for the expansion of the company in International markets. The real strength of this reality lies in Lechner's ability to adapt to the needs of customers, who frequently require specifically tailored products.

Thanks to the flexibility and professionalism of its staff, Lechner Spa is now a leading company in the preparation of primers, surface treatments and adhesives for wood flooring as well as for rubber, carpet, PVC flooring and artificial grass. Another of Lechner's distinctive abilities is that it ensures its customers continuous care and qualified technical assistance.

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