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20 March 2012
Lechner in contract building
Lechner in contract building

The building industry relies once again the quality and experience of Lechner, for years a reference brand for designers and contractors for the construction and renovation of buildings such as hospitals, schools and gyms, in Italy and abroad. A few weeks ago opened the yard, and the works will last for months because of the importance and dimensions of the intervention to be carried out, for the renovation of five floors of the right rear of Monaldi Hospital of Naples. Company  Costruzioni Generali Balsamo SpA based in Rome, will lay 10,000 square meters of PVC flooring and 25,000 square meters of fabric. The design was entrusted to engineer Cascino, while the direction of the work to the study of architecture Lenzi Consultant Ltd of Rome, whose director is the famous arch. Braccio Oddi Baglioni. The executive part relating to the laying of the flooring and cladding, is entrusted to the company LR Linoleum of Luigi Riccio, in A.T.I. with Floor Layers company of Naples.


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